Proprietary Technology - Applied Sciences Division

• Mastermind – Complete receiving and real time inventory tracking system, compiled of 5 GUI front ends and

   hundreds of industry specific services and functions. This system fully utilizes many of our APIs.

• Multi-platform Print API – Global printing solution and service.

• Video API - Multi-platform 2k/4k video recording, playback, encoding, compression, and storage.

• Facilities API – Integration of facility surveillance, area access control, and peripheral devices.

• User Control API – Advanced Management of user credentials and proprietary security.

• Ecommerce – Comprehensive sales management solution for complete multi-channel ecommerce integration.

• Device Controls – .net library for hardware/peripheral device decoding

• Surveillance API – Advanced enterprise multi use surveillance and detailed tracking system.

• Surveillance Center – A leading hardware/software solution for operational surveillance.

• CS Portal – GUI interface to manage multi-platform orders and customers.

• Shipping GUI & API - Software solution for high volume multi-channel global shipping with channel specific

   dynamic functionality.

• Fulfillment – Software solution for on-demand product supply and logistics.

• Label API – Multi-platform labeling, barcoding, and product serial numbering software

• Workforce Management System – Security, attendance, HR, and credential centralization.

• Reporting API – Interactive reporting tools for users.

• Database tools –Advanced tools with proprietary security and efficiency for developers when programming with


• Consumables – Our advanced reordering system used for tracking usage of consumables used in production,

   manufacturing, warehousing and operations.

• .NET Libraries – Hundreds of .net libraries for both proprietary and 3rd party API connections.

• .NET Controls –Complete developers suite of hundreds of proprietary dynamic controls used for all our

   software, including filtering, data views, touchscreen controls, and limitless controls for users to access,

   interpret, and control data.



Proprietary Technology - Memory Production Division

Mastermind v 15.27

Mastermind is our proprietary in house tracking system. Mastermind allows us to track thousands of lots from a multitude of suppliers simultaneously to accurately report back testing results, origin, quality, counts, and sorts.

The initial receiving process of every item is recorded in HD video from multiple cameras and view. Lots are given a tracking number, and all trays associated with that lot are assigned unique asset tags and barcodes.

The lots are delivered to our testing department. Trays are checked in and out by testers on HD video to further assist with tracking. All of these videos are linked throughout the entire process.


Hardware that has been tested undergoes a final receive process, missing capacitor checks, and additional quality inspection are performed. The final results are recorded while the entiore process is also dynamically captured on HD video. If there are any discrepancies throughout the process, managers are immediately notified to adjust them.

Defective sticks get assigned a unique defective holding bin. Suppliers are then notified of the testing results via email and taken to a custom online portal where they can download PDFs and other QA results, update their contact information, indicate whether defective sticks need returned, and also request videos and documentation of the entire process. This system includes a library of reporting tools as well to keep track of suppliers, refunds, inventory costs, and inventory counts.

Variable Data and Fulfillment

Since the inception of global marketplace fulfillment, we have been developing exclusive systems to streamline its management. We have been perfecting our ability to work with other companies to master all fulfillment systems as well. We have EXTENSIVE experience with printing variable data across a wide assortment of labels and media. Additionally, we have designed proprietary systems that allow us to coordinate variable data printing, fulfillment, tracking, monitoring, and inventory management across hundreds of thousands of products, and hundreds of companies with multiple brands.


If you are looking to take advantage of the opportunities that fulfillment has to offer, we have the ability to take your company to the next level.


Our shipping system has been designed to be perfectly suited towards a company's exact shipping requirements and has helped streamline the process to efficiently handle returns and reshipments. Our Shipping api has also enabled us to seamlessly integrate with the existing systems of our various retail ecommerce partners.


We can do blind drop ships and also incorporate your own brand.


We have the ability to record all outgoing shipments in high definition. These videos can be easily referenced on demand from our in house video servers.

App Development

We have streamlined many of our processes by using custom built apps on tablet devices. These apps assist employees and supervisors with various day to day processes including workforce management, inventory tracking, and thousands of tools that are used in the workplace.

After thoroughly researching many 3rd party solutions, we arrived at the decision to build our own comprehensive employee management system.


This system integrates time clock, HR features, deficiency points, communication, and user security credentials throughout all of our systems. This system is also integrated across all tablet apps to allow many functions to be performed mobile and secure.

Workforce Management System


Keeping track of hundreds of thousands of pieces of inventory across hundreds of thousands of line items is not an easy task; therefore, we have implemented advanced inventory controls and systems.


Our inventory system ties in with our tracking system, Mastermind, as well as many others to properly record costs and counts. Inventory label printing and adjustments can quickly be made through our multi-platform tablet apps.

We have tools in place to automatically mine the internet for valuable data. We have a database of nearly 50,000 computer model numbers that detail the types of memory, processors, and hard drives required for these machines. Our data mining techniques can be tailored to just about any need.

Data Mining

SEO and Ebay and Amazon Listing Mastery

We have perfected our techniques to streamline the listing of hundreds of thousands of products and to easily manage inventory, shipping, price changes, auto pricing, and many other features as well. In addition, we have perfected SEO techniques with not only Google, Yahoo, and MSN, but also Amazon, Ebay, and a variety of ecommerce platforms.


We have worked extensively with both Ebay and Amazon API’s and have developed several tools to assist with our order download and upload, as well as other reports that ensure our fulfillment data is kept as close to as real time as possible.


We have the ability to take on any company's listing generation and integrate them into our system.



CS v2.25

CS solution has been tailored to specifically work with some of our partners in retail ecommerce space to allow outsourcing of customer service. This has given us the ability to take on any company's customer service across multiple brands, entities, and channels.

Our Servers

We have onsite and offsite secure data centers that house our virtual machines, applications, phone systems, surveillance, internal webservers, SQL databases, print servers, and other proprietary systems. Our security is best in class

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