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The creation of our proprietary software and systems were developed to solve issues that out of box solutions simply could not.  With the knowledge and skills of our talented IT team and through vigorous testing and feedback, our systems have been perfected to allow for powerful, user friendly solutions that work


Mastermind is our proprietary flagship ERP system that encompasses everything from procurement to fulfillment. This system consists of hundreds of tools and applications and allows us to track thousands of suppliers, millions of sales and purchases, and tens of millions of units with extensive reporting that accurately tracks everything from testing results, origin, quality, counts, and sorts. This system includes a library of reporting tools as well to keep track of suppliers, refunds, inventory costs, and inventory counts.



Since the inception of global marketplace fulfillment, we have been developing exclusive systems to streamline its management. We have been perfecting our ability to work with other companies to master all fulfillment systems as well. We have extensive experience with printing variable data across a wide assortment of labels and media. Additionally, we have designed proprietary systems that allow us to coordinate variable data printing, fulfillment, tracking, monitoring, and inventory management across hundreds of thousands of products and hundreds of companies with multiple brands. If you are looking to take advantage of the opportunities that fulfillment has to offer, we have the ability to take your company to the next level.


Our shipping system has been designed to be perfectly suited towards a company's exact shipping requirements and has helped streamline the process to efficiently handle returns and reshipments. Our Shipping api has also enabled us to seamlessly integrate with the existing systems of our various retail ecommerce partners.  We can do blind drop ships and also incorporate your own brand.  We have the ability to record all outgoing shipments in high definition. These videos can be easily referenced on demand from our in house video servers.


Keeping track of millions of units of inventory across hundreds of thousands of line items is not an easy task, until now. We have implemented advanced inventory controls and systems to adjust this.  Our inventory system ties in with our tracking system, Mastermind, as well as many others to properly record costs and counts. Audits are a breeze and productivity has never been better. Inventory label printing and adjustments can quickly be made through our multi-platform tablet apps to ensure real time updates to stock levels and job processing.


We have built some of the most sophisticated tools for gathering valuable data. We have a database of nearly 150,000 computer model numbers and their hardware requirements. Our enterprise data mining techniques can be tailored to just about any need.